Rules and Regulations


After admission to the College every student will be issued an Identity Card. He/She
is expected to present it,as and when required. Failure to do so will render a student
liable to disciplinary action. The card must be returned  when the student  leaves the 



Students are expected to observe strict disipline in the College.Any violation thereof

will entail severe punishment.



Students are expected to observe strict disipline in the College.Any violation thereof 
will entail severe punishment.

1)      Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited, within the premises  of College/Department or Institution and any part of Delhi University system as well as on public transport.

2)      Any individual or collective act or practice of ragging  constitutes gross indiscipline and shall be dealt with under this Ordinance.

3)      Ragging for the purpose of this  Ordinance, ordinarly  means any  act,  conduct or practice by  which dominant  power or status of senior students  is brought to  bear on students  freshly enrolled or students who are in way, considered junior or inferior by other students and  includes individual  or  collective acts  or  practice which :

·         involve the status,dignity, and honour of students;

·         violate the status,dignity, and honour of students;

·         violate the status,dignity, and honour of students belonging to the Scheduled Castes and Tribes; express students to ridicule and  contempt and affect  their 

·         entail verbal abuse and  agression,indescent  gestures and 
obscene behaviour.


a)      The Principal  of a  College,  the Head of the  Department  or  an 
Institution, the authorities of College, of  University Hostel of Hall 
or Residence shall take immediate  action on any  information of 
the occurence of ragging.

b)      Notwithstanding anything in Clausses(4) above, the Proctor may 
also suo moto  enquire into any incident of  ragging and  make a 
report to the  Vice-Chancellor on the identity  of those  who have 
engaged in ragging and the nature of the incident.



The Principal has the power to detain a student in any class or debar him from 
being  sent  up  for  a  University  Examination  under  the   relevant  University  
Rule (58 Ref.A.C.No.78 dated 15-7-60 and No.269, dated 8-12-60).


All students  are  expected  to  attend  classes regularly. University Rules  require  a
minimum attendence of  66.66% both in lectures and in  tutorials/preceptorials/practicals
seperately, held in each subject, fallinf which a student shall not be allowed to appear
for the University Examination.


·         It is the responsibility of the student(or his/her guardian) to ascertain
periodically  from  the  College  Office,  or  the  teachers  concerned, 
his/her  attendence  position.

·         Students, who fall sick during the year,or attend recognised camps, 
and tourmanents, etc., must submit  certificate/s of  participation in 
such  camps  and  tournaments  for such period of  absence to  the 
College Office immediately and obtain a receipt thereof, so that due 
credit for  attendance is given to them in accordance  with the rules 
and laid down in this respect by the University.

·         Students should note that these rules are laid down by the University
and  no  relaxation  whatsoever is  possible. These  rules  are  rigidly 


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