Sports At A Glance

The academic year of 2015-16 is running it’s final lap and inching closer to the finish line. This is that time of the year when the examinations force the running shoes and football boots to be hung in the closet, while the pens, pencils and erasers will be the weapons in the armoury of our junior members in college. As they burn the midnight oil and toil hard for better grades, I am sure like me, they too will be haunted by the bitter-sweet memories of the times they wore the star on their crest and sweat blood for their beloved college.

The Department of Physical Education and the sports fraternity finally gets it’s much deserved break – for it has been a long and intense year, where we have won some battles and lost some elsewhere. While the winnings have been our reason to cheer, every loss is a lesson learnt, to better our best in the days to come.

Let us celebrate the grit, determination and sincere hard work put in by all the sports men and women who dared to brave the test against the best of the world. This booklet tells the tale of their journey in the year 2015-16.

Academic Subjects Taught: Applied Course: BA Program III yr
  • Health, Fitness and Wellness
  • Weight and Stress Management and Gym Operations
Annual Tournaments and Competitions Organized by St Stephen’s College:
  1. Stephen’s Invitational Men’ and Women’s Basketball Tournament
  2. Stephen’s Invitational Men’ Football Tournament
  3. Stephen’s Invitational Women’s Football Festival
Tournaments and Competitions Hosted by St Stephen’s College in 2015-16:
  1. University of Delhi – Inter Collegiate Squash Tournament (Men)
  2. University of Delhi – Selection Trials for Inter Varsity Squash Team
Clinics and Workshops Organized by the Department:
  1. Yoga Workshop
  2. Tennis Workshop
  3. Basketball Workshop
  4. Badminton workshop
  5. Fitness and Gym Clinic
Intra Mural Sports Events (SPORTS BASH):
  1. Students Vs Staff Cricket Match
  2. Students Vs Staff Badminton Match
  3. Students Vs Staff Basketball Match
  4. Students Vs Staff Volleyball Match
  5. Athletic Meet for Students and Staff
  6. Inter Department Football Tournament
  7. Inter Department Cricket Tournament

‘The flame of sportsmanship shines in the darkness, and the darkness shall never overcome it’.