Internal Assessment - May June 2018 Examination - Semester VI only. (updated on 31.05.2018)

1. All the Semester VI students are advised to go through the Notice as well as their IA marks given below according to their courses.
2. The marks displayed below in respect of Semester VI only.

3. The IA Marks in respect of following courses have been updated on 28.05.2018 (04:00 PM).
B.Sc. Physical Science
BA (Programme)
BA (H) Political Science 
BA (H) English
BA (H) Economics
4. The marks are displayed and sorted as per the University Roll Numbers.
5. Online Portal for any representations regarding IA marks can be accessed at : Click Here
UPDATE (31.05.2018)
Revised Marks for BA (H) History - Sem VI have been updated below on 31.05.2018
UPDATE (28.05.2018)
The Online Portal for all courses (except the 5 courses updated on 28.05.18) is now closed.
The last date for Online Portal (Refer to Notice above) for the following VI Sem courses ONLY is 30.05.2018 (04:00 PM)
    i. B.Sc. (Physical Science)
    ii. BA (Programme)
    iii. BA (H) History
    iv. BA (H) English
    v. BA (H) Economics
Updated on 28.05.2018 (04:00 PM)
B.A. (Programme)  - IA May-Jun 2018 - Sem VI (Pattern of Colonialism - Attendance is yet to be received from the teacher concerned and hence the marks for attendance (if any) are not updated.)
English - B.A. (H)  - IA May-Jun 2018 - Sem VI (Modern European Drama - Marks/Attendance are yet to be received from the teacher concerned and are left blank)

History - B.A. (H)  - IA May-Jun 2018 - Sem VI (Updated on 31.05.2018)

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