The following members shall constitute the Grievance Redressal Cell of the College for the academic year:

  1. Dr. Anita Goel (Principal) – Chairperson
  2. Dr. A.K. Bhagi – Convener
  3. Mr. Sachin
  4. Dr. Manish Gautam
  5. Dr. Bibek Rajak
  6. Mr. Shiv Bhatia (Student)

The scope and functions of the Cell are the following:

  1. To address the grievances other than sexual harassment complaints of the teaching, non-teaching staff and the junior members of the College.
  2. To initiate measures for promoting a better understanding of the culture and mission of the College.
  3. To address issues pertaining particularly to the welfare of the non-teaching staff.
  4. To assist the Principal in dealing with matters to the discipline of the College; the Principal being the ultimate authority as per the Constitution of the College.
  5. To undertake such other activities as the committee might consider desirable with the prior consent of the Principal.
    To register your complain or grievance, kindly email at