GE Paper for Honours

For B.A. (Hon.) / B.Com (Hons.) / B.Sc. (Hons.)
DepartmentSemester ISemester IISemester IIISemester IV


Practical Translation of Knowledge based Text books

Creative Writing

 Language in Media

 Official Writings



 Plant Anatomy and Embryology

 Bio Diversity

 Plant Ecology and Taxonomy

 Environmental Biotechnology

Plant Physiology

Economic Botany and Biotechnology



 Atomic structure, Bonding General Organic Chemistry and aliphatic hydrocarbons

 Chemical Energetic, equilibria and functional group organic Chemistry – I

 Molecules of Life

Chemistry of S and P block elements states of matter, chemical and kinetics

 Solution Phase Equilibrium, Conductance, Electrochemistry, and Functional Group Organic Chemistry- II

 Chemistry of S and P Block Elements, State of Matter and Chemical Kinetics

· Organometallics, bioinorganic Chemistry, Polynuclear, hydrocarbons & UV, IR Spectroscopy

Chemistry of d-block elements, quantum chemistry and spectroscopy


 Basics of Accounting

 Business Organisation and Management


Finance for Non finance executives

 Investing in Stock Markets

 Fundamentals of Marketing

 Insurance and Risk Management

 Project Managements and Techniques

Computer Science

 Programming using Python

 Database Management System

Computer Networks

Information Security and Cyber Laws



Introductory Microeconomics

 Economic History of India

 Introductory Macroeconomics

 India & Indian Ocean Economy

 Indian Economy-I

 Money and Banking

 Indian Economy-II

 Public Finance



 Academic writing and Composition

Language Literature and culture

 Text and performance

 Reading in Indian Diversities and Literary movements

Contemporary Indian women and Empowerment

 Reading in Indian Diversities & Literary movement

 Academic writing and composition

 Media & Communication skills



 Disaster Management

 Geography of Tourism and Pilgrimage

 Spatial Information Technology

 Coupled Human and Environment System

 Climate Change: Vulnerability and Adaptation

Rural Development

 Industrial Development

Sustainable Resource Development



 Lokpriya Sahitya

 Hindi Cinema Aur Uska Adhyan

Rachnatamak Lekhan

 Patkatha aur Samvad Lekhan

 Hindi mein Vayvarahik Anuvad

Bhasa aur Samaj

 Hindi ka Vaishwik Paridrishya

 Bhasa Shikshan



Delhi through the ages: The making of its early modern history

 Science, Technology and Humans: Contested histories

Issues in Contemporary World (1945-2000)

 Cultural Diversity in India

 Perspectives on Environmental History

 The Making of contemporary India (1950-1990s)

Religion & Religiosity

 Inequality & Difference




 Analytic Geometry & Theory of Equation

Linear Algebra

 Discrete Mathematics

 Differential Equations (with Practicals)

Linear Programming & Game Theory

 Numerical Methods (with Practicals)

Elements of Analysis



Ethics in Public Doman

 Formal Logic



Political Science


 Gandhi and Contemporary world

 Politics of Globalization

 Nationalism in India

 Understanding Ambedkar

 United Nations and Global Conflicts

 Feminism: Theory & Practice

 Governance Issue and Challenges

Contemporary Political Economy



Electricity and magnetism

Digital, Analog Circuits and instrumentation


 Elements of modern Physics

Waves and Optics

Quantum Mechanics

 Thermal Physics

 Nuclear and Practical Physics

Physical Education


 Introduction to Physical Education in the contemporary context

 Fitness, Wellness & Nutrition

 Health Education, Anatomy & Physiology

Posture, Athletic Care & First Aid



Modern Punjabi Poetry and Functional Punjabi

 Modern Punjabi Story and Functional Punjabi

 Punjabi One-Act Play and Functional Punjabi

 Punjabi Novel and Functional Punjabi



 Indian Culture and Social Issue

 Fundamentals of Indian Philosophy

 Nationalism & Indian Literature


 Individual Family & Community in Indian Social Thought



 Study of Urdu Poetry – 1

Study of short story writer Prem Chand

 Study of Urdu Prose – 1

 Study of Development of Urdu



 Animal Diversity

Insect Vectors and Diseases

 Human Physiology

 Exploring the Brain : Structure and Function

 Food, Nutrition and Health

Environment and Public Health

Animal Cell Biotechnology

 Aquatic Biology


Compulsory Test in Hindi

All such students who have not passed Test in Hindi at class 8th shall have to study Hindi in 2 semesters & pass the test.