Frequently Asked Question

Applicant need to follow updates. Subsequent notification issued by competent authorities will prevail on given information/directions/guidelines. 

Q1. Write about the College ?

A. Dyal Singh College is a University of Delhi maintained college duly recognized by UGC. The college is centrally located as well as on Delhi Metro Map. The regular updates about the college may be accessed on college website.

Q2. I have registered online on the DU undergraduate (UG) online portal. Do I still need to fill up the offline form for undergraduate admission?

A.  No, for Dyal Singh College for DU undergraduate admissions. You need to register and fill up the online form, available on the centralized online Admission Portal of the University.

Q.3 What are the courses I can apply for using the online form?

A. The following are the courses of the college for which applicants may submit applications for using the online registration form:

Courses to which Admission is based on merit:

Name of the Faculty & Course

Faculty of Arts

B.A. Prog.,

B.A. (Hons.) in English, Hindi, Philosophy, Punjabi, Sanskrit and Urdu.

Faculty of Social Sciences

B.A. (Hons.) in Economics, Geography, History and Political Sciences.

Faculty of Commerce & Business Studies

B.Com. (Hons) and B.Com.

Faculty of Mathematical Sciences

B. Sc. (Hons) in Mathematics

B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science

Faculty of Sciences/ Inter Disciplinary and Applied Sciences

B.Sc. (Hons.) in Botany and Zoology

B.Sc. (Hons.) in Chemistry and Physics

B.Sc. (Prog) Applied Physical Sciences/Physical Science (Computer Science) and Physical Science (Chemistry) and Life Sciences.

Q4. Is there a way to apply for admission offline?

A. No, there’s no offline form/method. You have to apply through the centralized online Admission Portal

Q5.  What should I do if I filled an incorrect email address while registering?

A. You have to register again with the correct email address to fill the registration form.

Q6. Can I apply in multiple courses in an online form?

A. You can apply in multiple courses by choosing all the courses you which you wish to apply through a single online registration form.

Q7. Do I need to fill separate forms for applying to Dyal Singh college ?

A. No, one single form submits your registration and application for admission to the Dyal Singh College (University of Delhi).

Q8. I made an error in filling my online registration form. Do I register again using different email id and fill the new registration form?

A. No, the portal does not allow you to register twice. However, you can rectify your error by again logging into your account, and using the “Edit” button at the end of each session/page. You can do this till you click on the “Payment” link to pay the fee and thus submit your registration form. After you have submitted your form, you may only make a one-time correction for some limited types of information, for a fee of Rs. 100.

Q9. I do not have an email account. Can I use someone else’s email to create registration account during “Sign Up”?

A. No, you should not use anyone else’s email account for registration. You must create a valid email account and remember its password, as all the communication from the University would be sent to your email account used during the admissions process.

Q10.  I forgot the email account that I created to use during my registration process. What should I do?

A. Your email address will be your login id during the registration process. It is absolutely necessary that you remember your email address, without which we will not be able to help you.

Q11. How can Persons with Disabilities (PwD) access and fill the online application form?

A. The PwD applicants may fill the online application form by using assistive technology. In particular, the visually impaired applicants may use screen reading softwares such as JAWS or NVDA to complete the application form. Those unable to use computer may take human assistance. Two centres (one at North Campus and other at South Campus) have been setup by the University for assisting PwD candidates. In addition, you may contact us on our phone numbers or email addresses.

Q12. What should be done if the University website link hangs or becomes non-functional during the process?

A. All possible measures are taken during the development phase to avoid such a situation. However, such a problem may arise due to Internet issues or if a large number of applicants access the site simultaneously. The registration form has a “Save and Continue” feature, which you may use if you are not able to complete the entire form in one session. You are advised to click on the “Submit” button on each page/session separately to save the information, and you may proceed with filling up of the remaining online registration form after refreshing the link or logging into your account in another session. You are also advised not to wait till the last day to complete or submit the form.

Q13. How can I pay the registration fee on DU UG Portal?

A. Payment is accepted online only through Credit card/Debit card/Net Banking/UPI. Persons with Disabilities (PwD) can print the cash-challan (generated through the software) and submit the same in the nearest ICICI Bank Branch to pay the fee.

Q14. Can I get a fee concession? What is the procedure for fee concession?

A. All applicants have to pay the registration fee as specified in relevent Sections of the UG Admissions Bulletin 2020-21. There is a provision for fee concession in Dyal Singh College but only after admission. You are advised to contact the college for details.

Q15. During online payment, the amount has been deducted from my account but I am still seeing the status “pending” on the UG admission portal.

A. A detailed resolution pathway for dealing with technical issues related to online payment can be found in Annexure VIII of the Undergraduate Admissions Bulletin 2020-21. You may approach the numbers and emails listed there with complete details of the transaction under “Grievance Description”. Resolution of queries of this nature will be taken up on the priority basis.

Q16. Will the applicants be given admission on a first-come, first serve policy after declaration of cut-offs?

A. Admissions in the college is not based on first come first serve policy. Instead, the applicant who has filled the online registration form and satisfies the criteria and cut-off for a particular course in the college will be considered for admission as per the schedule of admission specified.

Q17. I am a science student. Can I apply for Bachelor with Honours in Arts/Humanities subjects?

A. Yes, provided you fulfill the course-specific eligibility conditions and meet the requisite cutoff for the course you wish to seek admission to. Refer relevant sections of the Undergraduate Bulletin of Information 2020-21 for more information.

Q18. Once I have taken admission in a particular subject, can I change my subject during the course of study or after completing first year?

A. Once you are admitted in a particular subject, you can change your subject only before the last date of admission provided you have applied for that course in your online registration form, meet the requisite cut-off and provided seats are available. You cannot change your subject during the course of study or after completing first year of your study.

Q19. I appeared in the class XII exam last year but failed to clear Mathematics. Then, I appeared in the compartment exam and cleared it. Now, I have two marksheets, can I get admission?

A. Yes, you can get admission in the University of Delhi provided result of compartment exam is declared before the admission process is completed and seats are available. You are supposed to update the online registration form by filling your latest marks, possible till the end of admissions, while the registration portal is open.

Q20. Can I submit the online registration form, even if my result is awaited?

A. Yes, you can submit the online registration form by choosing “Awaited” in the drop-down menu of “Result Status” on the “Academic Details” page/section while entering the information. However, you will have to fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria and meet the college- and course-specific cut-off list during the stipulated period.

Q21. Can I fill in the online registration form even if I have a compartment in class XII?

A. You can fill in the online registration form using the “Awaited” option for “Result Status” if you have submitted your marks for re-evaluation or if you have appeared again for the paper(s) that you have not passed in. Once your updated marks appear, you may update the Registration Portal. However, your registration form will be valid only if you update your marks within the admission period, and if you fulfill the course-specific eligibility criteria, meeting the cut-off marks for that course/college and subject to the availability of seats.

Q22. Will registration fee be refunded or adjusted if I change my category?

A. The registration fee is mandatory for all categories and will not be refunded or adjusted in any circumstances.

Q23. Why am I not able to preview my application and also not able to pay the fee?

A. Please ensure that you have: i) Completed the mandatory fields (marked with red asterisk) on every page. ii) You have uploaded the required documents under “Mandatory Uploads.”

Q24. Can I apply for multiple courses in one online form?

A. Yes, you may select all courses of interest to you through a single online registration form.

Q25.Is it possible to change/update the information provided by the applicant in the online application form once the fee is submitted?

A. No. Applicants cannot change/update the information after they submit the registration fee.

Q26. I belong to ST category and live in a remote place. How can I apply for undergraduate courses in your University?

A. You can apply online by filling the registration form from any location with Internet access.

Q27. Is it important to have caste or tribe certificate in the name of the applicant?

A. Yes, if you are applying under any reserved category, then you must have the relevant reservation certificate issued by the competent authority, in the name of applicant. The OBC certificate must also specify that applicant belongs to non-creamy layer and the caste is listed in the Central Government list.

Q28. Will there be any disadvantage for gap year students?

A. No, there is no disadvantage to gap year students and they will be treated at par with regular students. They should meet the requisite course-specific criteria for admission and must possess the necessary documents/certificates.

Q29. I did not have Mathematics in Class XII. Can I opt for Economics (Hons.) or B.Com. (Hons.)?

A. No, you cannot opt for Economics (Hons.) or B. Com. (Hons.) without having studied Mathematics in Class XII.

Q30. Can I take admission in two different courses or the same course in different colleges after declaration of a cut off?

A. No, you cannot take admission simultaneously in two different courses or the same course in different colleges. In case you take admission at two places, your admission will be cancelled from both the colleges/courses.

Q31. I was admitted under Sports Quota last year but could not clear the first year. Can I apply afresh and also change my course?

A.You can clear your first year as an ex-student, if your internal assessment is complete (including attendance). In case you wish to apply afresh for another course, you can do so by cancelling your previous admission and then filling the online registration form again.

Q32. I have completed my class XII from NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling). Can I get admission in regular college?

A. Yes, you can get admission in regular college in a particular course provided you have applied in that course and meet the cut-off criteria.

Q33. Can I enroll myself for a certificate language course along with my regular graduation course?

A. Yes, many colleges offer part time certificate courses in office management, foreign languages etc. However, it is advisable to first try to understand how your regular course works, how much free time you have, and then plan your certificate course accordingly.

Q34. Can an applicant for an Undergraduate Honours Course be considered for admission in the non-Honours Course in the same College or not?

A. Applicants are required to select in the online registration form all those courses in which they intend to apply for admission. Admission shall be considered w.r.t. the courses applied in the filled online registration form. If you satisfy the course-specific eligibility and meet the cut-off mark requirements within the duration specified, you may be considered for non-Honours and Honours courses that you applied for through your online registration form.

Q35. Is ECA and Sports quota applicable to courses where admission is based on entrance tests?

A. No, ECA and Sports quota are not applicable to courses where admission is based on entrance-test.

Q36. How does one apply through the ECA or Sports quota? Is there a separate fee for applying to these quotas?

A. You can apply for ECA and Sports quota by selecting appropriate options in registration form. There is an additional fee of Rs. 100 each for applying under ECA or Sports quota, i.e. if an applicant applies for both ECA and Sports quota, it would amount to Rs. 200 in addition to registration fee of the form.

Q37. How many certificates must I furnish for admission through Sports Quota?

A. You may apply for a maximum of three categories of Games/Sports, as outlined in related Section of the Bulletin of Information for Undergraduate Admissions 2020-21. You may attach a maximum of three of your Best/ Scoring/Highest Certificates for each game/sport that you think is the best scoring. Rules thereon are outlined in Annexure VI.A. in the Bulletin of Information for Undergraduate Admissions 2020-21.

Q38. Will there be a centralized sports trial?

A. Yes, there will be one centralized sports trial for every game/sport to be conducted by constituent college of the University. Keep visiting applicable websites for relevant updates.

Q39. Is it possible to apply under ECA/Sports Category once I have paid my registration fee?

A. No, once you have paid the fee, you will not be able to apply under ECA/Sports Category.

Q40. Does Dyal Singh College offer hostel facilities?

A. No, the hostel facility is not available in college. Students have to explore their own options.

Q41. Does the College follow any policy with regard to anti-ragging?

A. Yes, the College under the aegis of University of Delhi believes in providing a safe and secure environment to its new entrants. We adhere to the UGC guidelines, 2009 regarding curbing the menace of ragging and to ordinance XV-B of the University related to anti-ragging. You will find some extracts from this policy in Annexure XIII of the Bulletin of Information for Undergraduate Admissions 2020-21.

Q42. Calculation of applicable percentage and eligibility for the course?

A. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure his/her percentage and eligibility for the course.