Mathematical Society

Math 0.1 (math zero dot one) represents the students’ Mathematics Society of Dyal Singh College is devoted to pursuing activities aimed at fostering interest in mathematics and its applications, and in the creative expression of mathematical ideas. The society receives immense participation from the students as well as the teaching fraternity.

Math 0.1 is run by an elected body of students under the guidance of Staff Advisor, a teacher of the Department. This elected body, named Student’s Council has, among others, the President, the Vice-President, a Secretary and a joint-secretary organising various activities all throughout the academic year. Each year Math 0.1 organises a freshers welcome function for the incoming batch, a two day Mathematics fest, lectures by eminent Mathematicians, an excursion for the students of the department and a farewell for the final year student.



Staff Advisor

2018-19 Dr. Dinesh Kumar

2019-20 Dr. P. K.Pandey
2020-21 Mrs. Ishver Rani Manchanda

2021-22 Dr. Rajeev Kumar


Our alumni are working in the field of academics as well as in the corporate sector. Many of our students are pursuing post graduation and Ph.D. courses in mathematics and its allied branches from renowned institutions like HRI Allahabad, IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Delhi etc. and some are pursuing MS from prestigious foreign universities viz. Germany, USA, UK, Australia etc.