The Computer Society of Dyal Singh College (COMEST) aims to knit together the technical, academic and socio-cultural dimensions of students personality in a holistic manner. Students from all the batches of B.Sc.(Hons) CS and B.Sc. Physical Science(CS) students work together in teams for organizing various events throughout the year which brings in dynamism that is showcased in every event.

Computer Society publishes a Technical Newsletter  on regular basis. The articles on  latest trends and technologies in IT industry, success stories of IT legends and latest IT news,  are based on the knowledge gained by students beyond the classrooms. The quizzes/puzzles and brain teasers  are the most sought after sections of the newsletter.

The various coding competitions organized as a part of Technical Fest of computer society provide a platform for programmers to  showcase their programming skills by solving the  programming challenges. The Technical fest is the right amalgamation of Technology, fun and creativity.

Technical Talks organized by the society provide a platform for our students to interact with industry experienced people. Workshops are regularly conducted to give hands on experience on state of art  technologies which widens their horizons to keep pace with industry advancements.

The society also organizes regular seminars/excursions to inculcate the spirit of team-work and peer learning. Apart from technical talks, the society makes efforts to remember its alumni. Efforts are made to invite alumni to share their life experiences and anecdotes with students. The success journey of an alumnus brings confidence in students and inspires them to believe in themselves and face challenges of life with utmost courage.

Through all these events, the knowledge and creativity of students gets enhanced and they are imbued with new ideas, thoughts and skills. Students  always  look forward to be a part of these events along with their regular academic curriculum.