An overview


          DYAL SINGH COLLEGE  was  founded in accordance with  the  will of
Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia,  one of the  greatest sons of Punjab,  in  Lahore.
Sardar Dyal Singh belonged to the  Shergil or Gill clan of Sardars of  Majitha
village near Amritsar. He is also well-known as the “Founder of The Tribune”
and one who bequeathed his largely self-earned assets including prestigious
buildings in  Lahore and  lands in  Amritsar, Lahore and  Gurdaspur  districts
worth about Rs.30 lakh in 1898  to two  trusts which established  Dyal Singh
College and  Dyal Singh Public Library
in Lahore.  Sardar Dyal Singh Majitha
was a great  philanthropist and  lover of education.  A man of great vision and
action,  he donated all  his assets  for the  propagation of  education. He had
an unusually farsighted vision.  He wanted to generate a  scientific outlook in
the  minds   of  the   common   people  who  suffered  from  blind  faith   and
superstition. He  wanted to  eradicate  orthodox  and  irrelevant  views.
          A little lesser known fact is that Sardar Dyal Singh was one among the 17 "good men and true"
who decided in 1884 to found the Indian National Congress.
He sailed for England in 1874, and in his
interactions  with  intellectual luminaries there,  he  gained  an enormous intellect. While in India,  he
came  into  contact  with  many  architects  of  Modern  India such as  Rabindranath Tagore,  Swami
Vivekanand, Swami Dayanand,  Dadabhai Naoroji and Mahadev Ranade,  which influenced his beliefs
and  thought  processes
          After independence, the torch of his three Trusts was kept alive in India. In the field of education,
one college was established at Karnaland another in Delhi by late Dewan Anand Kumar, an eminent
educationist and ex-Vice-Chancellor of Punjab University.

The College started functioning in the capital as a constituent College of the University of

Delhi in 1959 and was taken over by the University of Delhi as a University maintained College in 1978.

The College is  centrally  located  at Lodhi Road  in  South Delhi in the
vicinity  of  Lodhi Gardens,  Jawaharlal Nehru Sports Stadium ,  CII ,  WWF,
Safdarjung Tomb ,  Humayun Tomb, India Habitat Centre, India International
Centre, CGO Complex and many other institutions of national / international

During recent years, the College has registered an  impressive  quantitative and
qualitative  improvement.  The  quality  of  the  incoming  students  and  the
University results have shown a progressive upward movement;  the addition
of essential amenities and other facilities for students has made the College
a prestigious  institution for  academic and co-curricular activities. The College magazine, The “NEW STAR” provides a  forum  to  the students  for expressing  their views and  reviewing the various activities  during the year.


Presently, the College is imparting education to 4600 students including foreign students in 19 courses (including 2 post graduate courses) through 19 departments consisting of over 200 well qualified faculty members and about 100 non teaching staff members.

The faculty of the College has been encouraged to take interest in research programmes besides teaching and at present eight research programmes are going on in the College in the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Political Science and Commerce.

Presently, the College has the following infrastructure ;


1.      48 class rooms, including 07 eco friendly bamboo based classrooms

2.   18 Laboratories (including computer labs)

3.   A seminar hall with a seating capacity of 120,

4.   One open air amphitheatre with a seating capacity of 1000,

5.   An auditorium with a seating capacity of 210 with state of art facilities

6. A well equipped library with over 96000 books, a  large number of periodicals and journals and  internet facility.

7.      A spacious canteen.

8.      The College has a generator for power back up

9.  Security Lights for sufficient visibility during night

10. A 600 KVA Electric Panel

11. Synthetic basket ball court

12. 40 computer with internet enabled laboratory for students and faculty

13. Furnished faculty Rooms

14. A prize winning lush green lawn

 During the last about one year the following additions have been made to the College infrastructure:


1.      10 portable class rooms, including 2 tutorial rooms

2.      Court for cricket net practice / 6 courts for badminton / 2 courts for volley ball

3.      New air conditioned computer laboratory with 80 computers linked through optic fiber to University of Delhi.

4.      Wi-fi enabled campus

5.      CCTV surveillance of college campus

6.      Renovated toilets/terrace

7.      Disabled frindly toilets, ramps and lift

8.      215 trees

   Projects in Progress

  1. Multi Storey Science Block ( 7000 sqm covered area) after due approval of funds to the tune of Rs. 11.25 crores by University of Delhi
  2. Disabled Friendly College Campus ( hand rails, ramps, toilets signages etc.)
  3. Repair and renovation works in the college with grant Rs. 2 crores sanctioned by Delhi University
  4. Lush green lawns, rose garden and rockery.                   


The College has been selected as one of the Centres for evaluation of scripts of University Annual Examination and is also providing infrastructure for conduct of classes for students of School of Open Learning, University of Delhi.





Sh. Skand Ranjan Tayal                                           Chairman, Governing Body

Ms.Janaki Kathpalia    Ex-Officio                               Member

Prof. P.C Rath                                                          Member

Prof.. T.R. Seshadri                                                  Member

Prof. Satwanti Kapoor                                              Member

Prof. R.K. Sharma                                                   Member

Dr.   N.K. Chaudhary                                               Member

Prof. Jaya Sinha Tyagi                                              Member  

Prof. T.K. Das                                                        Member

Prof. Avinashi Kapoor                                             Member

Dr. I.S. Bakshi                                                        Principal (Morning)

Dr. Suman Sharma                                                  OSD Principal (Evening) 

Teachers' Representatives(Morning & Evening)

Mr.  R.C. Ashrey                                                     (Morning)

Dr.   Surya Bhushan                                                 (Evening)

Ms. Madhuri Chawla                                               (Evening)

Ms. Poonam                                                            (Morning)

Mr. Abdul Waquar                                                   (Evening)

    As the Principal of Dyal Singh College, I am glad to welcome you on the
site.You would find  this site very effective   and  interactive.  If  you  want
any  specific  information   or   simply  want  to  learn   more  about  this prestigious college,  you will find our website to be an exciting gateway  to all things at Dyal Singh College.
   Dr. Inderjeet Singh Bakshi
Dr. Inderjeet Singh Bakshi   
  After admission to the College every student will be issued an Identity Card. He/She
is expected to present it,as and when required. Failure to do so will render a student
liable to disciplinary action. The card must be returned  when the student  leaves the
  Students are expected to observe strict disipline in the College.Any violation thereof
will entail severe punishment.
  Students are expected to observe strict disipline in the College.Any violation thereof
will entail severe punishment.
  • Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited, within the premises  of
    College/Department or Institution and any part of Delhi University
    system as well as on public transport.
  • Any individual or collective act or practice of ragging  constitutes
    gross indiscipline and shall be dealt with under this Ordinance.
  • Ragging for the purpose of this  Ordinance, ordinarly  means any
    act,  conduct or practice by  which dominant  power or status of
    senior students  is brought to  bear on students  freshly enrolled
    or students who are in way, considered junior or inferior by other
    students and  includes individual  or  collective acts  or  practice
    which :
    • involve the status,dignity, and honour of students;
    • violate the status,dignity, and honour of students;
    • violate the status,dignity, and honour of students belonging
      to the Scheduled Castes and Tribes;
    • express students to ridicule and  contempt and affect  their
    • entail verbal abuse and  agression,indescent  gestures and
      obscene behaviour.
  • The Principal  of a  College,  the Head of the  Department  or  an
    Institution, the authorities of College, of  University Hostel of Hall
    or Residence shall take immediate  action on any  information of
    the occurence of ragging.
  • Notwithstanding anything in Clausses(4) above, the Proctor may
    also suo moto  enquire into any incident of  ragging and  make a
    report to the  Vice-Chancellor on the identity  of those  who have
    engaged in ragging and the nature of the incident.
  The Principal has the power to detain a student in any class or debar him from
being  sent  up  for  a  University  Examination  under  the   relevant  University 
Rule (58 Ref.A.C.No.78 dated 15-7-60 and No.269, dated 8-12-60).
  All  students  are  expected  to  attend  classes regularly. University Rules  require  a
minimum attendence of  66.66% both in lectures and in  tutorials/preceptorials/practicals
seperately, held in each subject, fallinf which a student shall not be allowed to appear
for the University Examination.

  • It is the responsibility of the student(or his/her guardian) to ascertain
    periodically  from  the  College  Office,  or  the  teachers  concerned,
    his/her  attendence  position.
  • Students, who fall sick during the year,or attend recognised camps,
    and tourmanents, etc., must submit  certificate/s of  participation in
    such  camps  and  tournaments  for such period of  absence to  the
    College Office immediately and obtain a receipt thereof, so that due
    credit for  attendance is given to them in accordance  with the rules
    and laid down in this respect by the University.
  • Students should note that these rules are laid down by the University
    and  no  relaxation  whatsoever is  possible. These  rules  are  rigidly
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